The Stoker Society

A Broken Crown Production

The Stoker Society is an improvised, horror, action podcasted using a TTRPG system of our own creation. It tells the story of a band of modern day monster hunters as they are thrown into a complex political dispute between the two major monster hunting companies over a massecer, 10 years in the past. This is the least of our monster hunters concerns as they need to deal with being entirely broke first and formost. The Stoker Society is prequel series to Dark Tides, another audio drama series you can find wherever you listen to podcasts! It is also a follow up to a prior show called The Ever-Pleasant Mr Bates. All of these shows will help with smaller details in the show and explain much of the lore, but are not entirely neccesary. Patreon - Created by Chester Lidden Starring Bejae Ingate, Meghan Greyling, Kate and Caleb Jones, Micah Riley & Aubrey Lidden. read less