El Sentir de los Malditos-Black Metal Podcast: Episodio #52 (noviembre 2023)

El Sentir de los Malditos - Black Metal Podcast.

06-11-2023 • 2 horas 6 minutos

Intro: Nortt “Hedengangen” 2002 (Sombre Records) 1º Asgaroth (Spa) “Victorious Men of Earth” Trapped in the Depths of Eve… Cd 1997. New Gotia/Requiem Records. 2º Lóstregos (Spa) “Ceives das impías cruces” Alzamento no norte. 12" vinyl 2023. Vertebrae. 3º Nakkiga (Spa) “Itsasotik sortutako Malkoak I” Ancient Ceremonies, New Wisdom. Split Cd 2023. Vertebrae. 4º Aanomm (Spa) “Thhe Ddlusions” Hsav's First Delusions. Cd 2023. Vertebrae. 5º Fullmoon Procession (Spa) “In the realm of Despair” Demo II 2023. Hermetic Blood Order Records. 6º A.K.U (Usa) “ Putrefying Essence” Horde of Black Metal Warriors. Split Cassette 2023. Forgotten Sorcery Productions. 7º Falkenfrost (Chile) “ When Darkness Falls” Imperivm Regis. Demo 2023. 8º Mythical (Unk) “Solemn Obsidian Fire” Under Mayhemic Dethronement. Cassette compilation 2023. Down with the Most High. 9º Aphelium Aeternum (Ger) “Dark Interestellar Mysteries” Dark Interestellar Mysteries. Cd 2023. Dominance of Darkness Records. 10º Abisma (Chile) “In the sinister halls of iniquity” Disciples of the Black Ram. Cd 2023. I Hope You Die. 11º Nartvind (Bel) “Towards the Ruins” Breath of Night. Cd 2023 Medieval Prophecy Records. 12º Atheosophia (Usa) “Moonfire Of Pagan Warriors” Shadowgate of Winter's Spirit. Cd 2023. Blood and Crescent Productions. 13º Telal (Chile) “Race Loyalty” Rehearsal tape compilation 2023. 14º Ginnungagap (Por) “Mysteries of the Primordial Moon” Helical Arising. Cd 2023. Signal Rex.