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The mounting antiwar protests on college campuses

Post Reports

24-04-2024 • 31 minutos

Today, a look inside the pro-Palestinian protests taking root on college campuses and why universities have been struggling to respond to them.

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Over the past week, protests over the Israel-Gaza war have spread and intensified on college campuses across the country.

Pro-Palestinian student demonstrators across the country, including at Yale and Columbia University, have been arrested and removed from tent encampments on their campuses. Other encampments have been set up at many schools, including the University of California at Berkeley and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The demonstrations have put pressure on university leaders — coming from lawmakers, faculty, alumni and families concerned about antisemitism on campus, and from those who say some institutions have been too aggressive and are shutting down students’ rights to free expression.

Today on “Post Reports,” education reporter Susan Svrluga takes us through the students’ demands, the universities’ responses, the reactions of pro-Israel counterprotesters, and the future of this building movement.

Today’s show was produced by Sabby Robinson and Rennie Svirnovskiy. It was edited by Monica Campbell and mixed by Sean Carter. Special thanks to Hannah Natanson, April Bethea and Angelica Ang.

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