1Baja Samba2Rafting Starlit Everglades3Salad Days422225Lonely Owl6Homewards7PANTGLAS8Tool In Rose (Remastered 2005)9Phantas Me On the Opera10Fairy of the Lake11Your Twinkling Eyes12Period of Mourning13Don't Wait14Take Your Pants Off15The Floating World16People Eating Fruit17The Ocean18Tropikaoss19Spin Cycles20She Wakes Up / First Dimension21Ooh Girl22Fuori, nella notte23Sink24nimmer25Oblivious26Sunken277th of May28Pain Tolerance29Sun Harmonics303.2 MIN31Dakotas32Inner Earth Vibe33Argente34Poughtu35Envelopes (Chapter VI)36Silizium37Exced38Reverse Culture Music39Lazzaro I40You (Bug Lover Rework)41The Cassette42Who's In Charge?43Cumulonimbus Dream44Not Yours to Know45Send And Receive46Avalon47End — Curve of Forgetting48Chatter49Dusk Approaches