#75 Exploring the Fear of Humiliation

A Balancing Act

23-01-2024 • 25 minutos

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Inside this episode:

  • Analisa's way of activating her Indestructible Core
  • How to practice not taking things personally
  • How the fear of humiliation points to an addiction to pride
  • The antidote to fear of humiliation (the opinion of others)
  • An exploration of True Humility

This episode is a follow up to Eleri Ward's powerful conversation last week. Analisa goes deeper into two main themes: the indestructible core and the power of not taking anything personally. She then explores the fear of humiliation and how it's holding so many artists back. Analisa shares that she, too, is very much a student of this topic and goes into her favorite teachings on humiliation, pride, perfectionism and true humility. Anyone struggling with perfectionism, taking up space, and being their full self will find gems and actionable steps within this episode!

Soul Nourishment in this episode:

Xavier Dagba

Caroline Myss Entering the Castle

Jason Mraz Making it Up

A Balancing Act is hosted by Analisa Leaming, Broadway actor +  soulful coach for creatives.  This season is designed to inspire performers and creatives to journey towards their dreams with more soul and less attachment to outcomes and society's definitions of success.