Melinda Eitzen & Max Hartman, Christie Vela, and Michael Federico

The Melinda Eitzen Show

31-01-2024 • 30 minutos

“The Finale”--

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Melinda’s three guests on The Melinda Eitzen Show this week talk about their horror movie, “The Finale”. They discuss how it was spawned from a simple idea set at a musical theater camp, which evolved into a script, and finally how they teamed up to produce and star in the film together. The group expounds on “The Finale” as well as other horror films, commenting that this particular genre is a great way to introduce other themes, such as talking about social ills, while still creating something entertaining and fun that’s reminiscent of the horror flicks they grew up watching in the ‘70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Speaking of what they referred to as “the football bouncing around”, they recount the rewards and challenges of so many people collaborating on a project, and how theirs evolved and was completed after so many talented artists touched it, and brought their skills to the final cut of “The Finale”.

Fun facts regarding the filming of “The Finale” starring Gabriel Reyes and Madison Calhoun: all of the talent in the film are from the Dallas Fort Worth area, and it features Dallas locations such as the Kalita Humphreys Theater, The Garden Café, Honeycut Farms, and Theater 3. Michael Federico described the film by saying, “It’s a love letter to DFW”!  Melinda and all of the guests on the show encourage you to support local arts, and send big thanks to Joel Ferrell of Dallas Theater Center.  For more about all things horror films, check out their ‘Terror and Tacos” podcast. Find “The Finale” on Apple streaming, Amazon and Vudu. Thank you to everyone in DFW who were so generous in helping make the movie.