Root Canal Treatment with Dr Omar Ikram

Teeth & Tales by Dr Shaadi Manouchehri

24-09-2020 • 30 minutos

Dr Ikram was born in Christchurch New Zealand and obtained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Otago university. After graduation he worked in New Zealand and  then moved to London. After completing  his general stream Fellowship for the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, he gained entry into specialist training at King’s College London. His research was published in the International Endodontic journal.

After completing Specialist training Omar moved to Sydney where he established his private practice in Sydney’s North Shore. He currently also works at the Sydney Dental hospital treating the NSW State public waiting list, for those unable to access private treatment. Omar has a passion for teaching dentists and dental students via hands on courses and his social media pages.

In this episode Dr Omar explains the process of root canal treatment in simple terms and also explains why antibiotics alone will not treat the dental infection and are often unnecessary. We talk about the root cause documentary and what Dr Omar- a specialist endodontist- really thinks about the claims made in the documentary.