Episode 24: The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022 Day 2

Freedom with NFTs

21-01-2022 • 24 minutos

In this episode of Freedom with NFT’s we will have a mash up episode of The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022 Day 2 Interview featuring:

  • Dowhatyoulove.artist on IG:@Dowhatyoulove.artist
  • Adrian CEO of minters
  • Dreamer - Head of DeFi at DeFi Kingdoms
  • Angela Antony founder and CEO of Scoutible -
  • Steven : Crypto Gold Rush
  • Michael : Tigray Art Collective Michaels Twitter @askmeaboutbtc
  • Mason Versluis: masonversluis
  • Ragzy: NFT Artist Ragzy@ragzyart.com

They will share with us:

  • What does Sergey Gordienko (Dowhatyoulove.artist) do in the NFT space?
  • Sergey Gordienko life as an artist before and after leveraging NFTs
  • Sergey Gordienko, on what advice would you give an artist who hasn't started to leverage NFTs yet?
  • What does the minters do?
  • What did Adrian the CEO of minters do before entering the NFT space?
  • Shift that Adrian have seen in regards to artists that start to leverage NFTs.
  • Adrian’s advice on artists that are curious in getting into the NFT space.
  • What does DeFi Kingdoms specialize in?
  • Why would someone want to get involved at Defi Kingdom?

- Farming

  • Tell me what does scoutible do?
  • Where did the idea for scoutible come from?
  • How does someone get more information or get involved with scoutible?
  • Why is Steven from Crypto Gold Rush interviewing people at the Bitcoin Conference?
  • What's been some of the most interesting things that folks have shared with Steven in the interviewing process?

- Mongol NFT

  • How did Steven get into the NFT space?
  • What made Steven inspired to start the Crypto Gold Rush Documentary?
  • What does the Tigray art collective specialize in?
  • Why is Tigray Art Collective project important to Michael?
  • For people who do not have a personal connection to Tigray, why would they want to support and become involved?
  • How to get involved in the Tigray art collective?
  • Mason: For someone who's new to the crypto space, what is the first piece of advice that you give them?
  • What Mason is most excited about in the crypto space as we kick off 2022?
  • One tip or trick that Mason would give someone who literally has no clue about the crypto space.
  • What is Ragzy's life as an artist before leveraging NFTs?
  • Ragzy’s advice from an artist point of view for anyone new in the space.
  • On the short term, what is Ragzy most excited about as we kick off 2020?
  • What is one of Ragzy's long-term goals in this space?

Connect with The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022 Interviewee:

Dowhatyoulove.artist Instagram: @Dowhatyoulove.artist

Adrian who is the CEO of minters Twitter: @AoverK

Minters website: https://www.minters.art/

Dreamer - Head of DeFi at DeFi Kingdoms: @DreamerDFK

Defi Kingdom website: https://game.defikingdoms.com/#/

Angela Antony founder and CEO of Scoutible Twitter and Instagram: @angelaanthony

Scoutible website: https://www.scoutible.com/

Steven: Crypto Gold Rush website: https://cryptogoldrush.xyz/

Tigray Art Collective Instagram: @TigrayArtCollective

Tigray Art Collective website: https://www.tigrayartcollective.org/

Michael : Tigray Art Collective Twitter: @askmeaboutbtc

Mason Twitter and Instagram: @masonversluis

Mason Tiktok and Youtube: Crypto mason

Ragzy Tiktok: Ragzy crypto and Ragzyart

Ragzy Twitter: @Ragzyart

Connect with your host, Lauren Turton:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaurenTurton_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelaurenturton

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurenturton/

Website: freedomwithnfts.com

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