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The Other 9/11: Chile & Allende

Past Present Future

14-09-2023 • 1 hora 2 minutos

This week is the fiftieth anniversary of the coup in Chile that ended the life of Salvador Allende and marked the temporary death of Chilean democracy. We talk to the politician and economist Andrés Velasco and the writer and translator Lorna Scott Fox about their memories of the coup and their understanding of its significance today. What does it say about the unfulfilled promise and ongoing fragility of democratic politics, in Chile and beyond?

More from the LRB:

Lorna Scott Fox on the feminisation of Chile:

‘I doubt any of the men in a cabinet meeting are worrying about whether there is loo paper at home, as I do.’

Greg Grandin on Allende in power:

‘Allende was a pacifist, a democrat and a socialist by conviction not convenience.’

Michael Wood on Neruda and death:

‘The dead are never entirely dead in Neruda’s poems, forgetting and remembering are always entangled.’

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