005: Oceania Olympic Qualifiers

Decypher Culture Cast

11-12-2023 • 47 minutos

Welcome back to Decypher, the mesmerising Culture Cast that unravels the mysterious world of breakdance, delivering invaluable insights and inspiration for dancers, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs alike. In this episode, hosts Benji B and Tydal engage in a conversation that is bound to captivate your attention.

This time, the duo peels back the curtain on the Oceania Championship, exploring its results and the intriguing stories that unfolded. Tydal takes centre stage, revealing his vulnerability as he opens up about the sacrifices he made for this fiercely competitive event.

Join us on Decypher as we dissect the essence of breaking culture, tapping into the wisdom of Hip Hop through Tydal's extraordinary journey. Benji expertly guides you through this compelling conversation, unveiling the enchantment within the world of breaking.

Prepare to be both inspired and enlightened as you unlock the treasure trove of hip hop culture on Decypher!