Ep 65: Stop what you are doing and feel it, feeling brings balance to health and fitness

Hormone Helper

13-12-2023 • 21 minutos

Episode 65 of the Hormone Helper Podcast:
This episode explores the importance of gut feeling and alignment in achieving health and business goals. Coach Andrew discusses the freedom and benefits of working for oneself and the challenges of balancing business and health. The concept of the creating state is introduced, emphasizing the importance of feeling good and aligned with one's goals. He then shares personal stories and highlights the power of belief and confidence in achieving success. The episode concludes by encouraging listeners to understand their why and take action with a positive mindset.


  • Feeling good and aligned with one's goals is crucial for success in both business and health.
  • Belief and confidence in one's actions are key to achieving goals.
  • Understanding the why behind one's goals helps overcome fear and resistance.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Hormone reboot program: https://fit4allfitness.com/hormone-reboot

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