How to Make the Leap from Clinic or Classroom to the Bestseller Lists, with Dr. Laurie Mintz, Sexuality Psychologist/Author

The Selfish Gift - Go public with your purpose

03-08-2022 • 1 hora 9 minutos

This episode is for all the therapists, clinicians, and professors out there who hope to write a popular book for the general public about your field of expertise. How do you make the leap from clinic or classroom to the bestseller lists? And do you have to become a social media influencer in order to pull it off? How do you know if you have anything really new to say, and what if your peers criticize you? Today's guest is here to tell us how she managed through all of that.

Dr. Laurie Mintz is an author, therapist, professor, and speaker whose life's work is helping people live more authentic, joyful, and sexually satisfying lives. As a tenured professor at the University of Florida, Laurie teaches the psychology of human sexuality to hundreds of undergrad students each year. She's the author of two popular books, both written with the aim of empowering women sexually: Becoming Cliterate and A Tired Woman's Guide to Passionate Sex. Laurie also writes a popular blog on Psychology Today, and maintains an active social media platform with over 50k Instagram followers, as well as a small private practice working with individuals and couples on general and sexual issues. In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to transition from being a practitioner or professor into a bestselling author.
  • The surprising correlation between one's sex life and overall happiness—and why talking about it with your therapist is important.
  • The difference between spontaneous and responsive desire.
  • How Laurie ran clinical trials to analyze the efficacy of the advice in her book.
  • How to get the most out of social media—such as community and support—while dealing with the trolls. (Hint: Block, block, block!)

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