The Jeff & Patti Kinzbach interview

Spotlight Conversations

20-10-2021 • 33 minutos

Bringing the studio to Oregon with the infamous 100.7 WMMS morning show host Jeff Kinzbach, who has taken his show on the road with wife Patti and trust me, they are loving every minute! The legendary broadcaster, who hosted the morning show with Ed 'Flash' Ferenc at The Buzzard for 20 years, resigned from radio, put a few things in storage, sold the house, and instead of buying a ticket to the west coast (um, cue Billy Joel song) decided to buy a motorhome and tour the country. But before we discuss road trips, we get in a little backstory about radio stories with infamous rock stars, how WMMS and the community of Cleveland built the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, how Cleveland came to be known as 'The Rock and Roll Capitol' and more. He also talks about how his daughter (who works for SpaceX in Los Angeles) was the inspiration for this new life on the road; why Patti is the navigator on their tour 'rockinNwheelin'; and no matter where he travels, why he will always be true to his Midwestern roots. Hop on the tour bus and join us!

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