E13 :Forgotten Songs From The ITPF Bond

Never Let The Fires Die: The Alarm Podcast

22-08-2017 • 49 minutos

Between 2001 and 2003, Mike Peters and his new version of The Alarm demoed and recorded 50 songs that formed basis of the next 1/2 decade of music from The Alarm. "The Bond" was the name of the subscription fans could buy-into so they could receive the songs as they were recorded. In all 11 full electric demos (unreleased), and 5 full albums were produced as part of the The bond, plus countless acoustic demos. The songs went-on the form the basis of the albums "In The Poppy Fields" (2004) and "Under Attack" (2006). In the process, some of those tracks got lost in the dustbin of history. In this episode, we dust off some of those tracks "lost to the fog of time", and create an album from the "Forgotten Tracks Of The In The Poppy Fields Bond" . All of the songs mentioned in this episode can be owned by purchasing the "In The Poppy Fields Collected Works" CD/DVD set on thealarm.com : https://thealarm.myshopify.com/produc...