The Personalised Care Podcast Trailer

The Personalised Care Podcast

12-05-2021 • 2 minutos

“What matters to you…?”

This simple question - that we health professionals should ask of all our patients - is at the heart of the Personalised Care Podcast.

It’s a new series, brought to you by the Personalised Care Institute, the national organisation which sets the standards for evidence-based personalised care training and is aimed at all healthcare professionals.

With our host Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca, we’ll discuss how a personalised care approach – reframing the focus from ‘what’s the matter with you?’ to ‘what matters to you?’ - can be applied in different scenarios. We’ll explore the benefits of empowering patients to get more involved in decisions about their care, including better health outcomes, improved compliance with advice and more satisfied people, carers and healthcare professionals.

Every month, through in-depth insights and first-person accounts we’ll discuss topics as diverse as the menopause, long covid and veteran’s health and well-being.

You can get a Certificate of Learning proving your dedication to personalised care, simply by listening to this podcast and completing an evaluation in the eLearning Portal of the PCI website - and the podcast also qualifies for CPD points.

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