Is My Relationship Over? Ft. Tiara Archie, B.S.

Just Between You & Me

19-02-2023 • 50 minutos

In today's episode, we welcome our second guest, Tiara Archie. Today we will be talking about feeling that your relationship may have reached its breaking point as well as our personal experiences. This is such an important topic because I'm sure we will all reach this point in some way in a relationship, but will it be the end or can it be mended?

We will address the following questions in this episode:

- What are the signs a relationship is over?

- What if you want to break up but you're afraid of hurting your partner?

- How do you walk away from a relationship that you've invested so much time in?

- How do you communicate your feelings with your partner?

- What are the signs the relationship can be mended?

...and many more.

If you are struggling with anything in your relationship or personal life, please don't hesitate from reaching out to a counselor or therapist for support.

I hope you all find this episode as fun as we did recording it. If you would like to contact me or to stay updated outside of the podcast you can follow my podcast Instagram account at @justbetweenyouandme.pod or my personal Instagram at @reallyjustvez. You can also follow our podcast guest, at @tiaraarchie.