healing the metaphysical body to better physical health

The Healing Matrix Podcast

22-11-2022 • 42 minutos

Guest expert, Tracy Fance, is a Psychic Coach who supports people to heal on a metaphysical level to transform their physical health and get well. She locates the subconscious belief system or programming that is causing ‘conflict’ within her client that then manifests as a physical health issue. Tracy has helped people get well from fibromyalgia, rosacea, chronic migraines, gout and much more. She states ‘the clients do the healing and are simply shown where the issue lies by her and what to do about it’.

Tracy helps her clients release the conditioning and potential trauma absorbed from their childhood, partners, family, work, social media, etc. She describes disease as a signal that there is an underlying issue which is normally addressed by going to a doctor and getting prescribed tablets; however this masks the ‘message’ and people forget about the problem rather than getting to the bottom of the root cause, making the problem continue growing.

In this episode Tracy will share her story, what the metaphysical world and being psychic is all about, the truth about what disease really is so we can understand how to deal with it as well as tips on how to get well.

Connect with Tracy on Instagram using the handle: @tracyfancepsychiccoach email on tracy@tracyfance.com. Check out Tracy’s important links on: linktr.ee/tracyfance

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