Part 2 - Modern Communist Infiltration of the U.S.: Education

The Federalist Outpost

07-03-2021 • 58 minutos

The focus of “soft power” modern communist influence in the United States is in our education system. For a hundred years, Soviets style socialists have worked covertly to influence Americans through the indoctrination of their children. The manipulation of racial and ethnic minorities and education systems is well documented back to the 1920’s. Despite the change in the names, the rebranding of Soviet communism to “socialism,” modern communists have succeeded considerably in the past decade to indoctrinate and influence American youth. Organizations like the Confucius Institute and Black Lives Matter are the vehicle of communist propaganda. We explore current curriculums of both organizations in this episode to shine a light on the virtually identical messages Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin delivered to schools a century ago.

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