Part 1 - Modern Communist Infiltration of the U.S.

The Federalist Outpost

22-02-2021 • 21 minutos

Thought dead after the collapse of the the Soviet Union in 1989, communism has been successfully rebranded and covertly infused into American politics and civics, taking a leading role in today’s politics and government. Using the same tools of communist expansion into democracies after World War II, modern communist (now identifying as socialists) have followed the same predictable path into power within the United States. This first part of a five part Federal Outpost series explores the covert communist threat identified by the late John F. Kennedy in the 1960’s, and identifies the first steps taken and the methods used by modern communists. Furthermore, we discuss Solon’s Law on Stasis and the moderate’s approach to stemming the flow of radical politics.

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