Ep.6: Politics Get Local: A look at Local Tampa Bay Candidates

The Federalist Outpost

04-02-2022 • 48 minutos

As state and municipal elections start to heat up, the eyes of the country have been drawn to local races. Hot button issues like education, COVID restrictions and government overreach have sparked heated debates in city council and school board meetings for the last two years. Andrew sits down to discuss these issues with three Tampa Bay area candidates for state and local office: Dr. Lisette Bonano, who is a Republican running for Florida State House District 63; Mrs. Maura Lanz, also a Republican but running for Florida State House District 62; and Republican Dr. Donna Lynn Cameron-Cepeda, who is running for Hillsborough County Commission, District 5.

Dr. Lisette Bonano: A retired military veteran, Dr. Bonano has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and is currently involved in support efforts for stranded Afghan families who did not make it to the United States after the withdrawal. Dr. Bonano is running for House District 63, which includes parts of New Tampa and Northern Hillsborough County.

Mrs. Maura Lanz: A first generation Cuban American, Mrs. Lanz’s family fled socialism and communism in Cuba, Mrs. Lanz and her husband had an architectural and general construction company for more than thirty years. Their company completed a number of public projects including fire stations, museums and community centers.

Dr. Donna Lynn Cameron-Cepeda: Dr. Cepeda is an Army veteran, ordained minister, author and entrepreneur who has experience as a financial analyst and associate professor. Additionally, Dr. Cepeda has worked with the Department of Corrections to enhance inmate programs and services, and counsels individuals who have psychological trauma.

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