David Casarett, MD, MA – Chief Medical Officer DisposeRx

Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope

07-11-2018 • 16 minutos

The opioid crisis is an epidemic with many faces. To a member of the law enforcement community, opioids are dangerous substances to be managed and controlled. To the parent who's lost a child to addiction opioids are a gateway drug that can lead to a lifetime of loss and regret. But to those in pain management, opioids are necessary tools to help hurting patients at a time when little else can. Dr. David Casarett is the Chief Medical Officer at DisposeRx. As a professional with years of experience helping his patients manage pain, he brings a unique perspective to our conversation about the opioid crisis, and we start at the beginning. The entire transcript for this podcast can be found on our website here: https://opioids-hiddendangers-newhope.com/david-casarett-disposerx/ This podcast is underwritten by DisposeRx.com