John Holaday – Chairman and CEO DisposeRx (2)

Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope

08-11-2018 • 15 minutos

John Holaday, Chairman and CEO of DisposeRX, on how a simple change in behavior at home can break the cycle of opioid addiction and death that begins in the home medicine cabinet.

“Our passion is to both, educate and legislate. On the education side, letting people understand that they’ve got to change behaviors. They’ve got to look in their medicine cabinet and get rid of these leftover opioids. We have a product that does that called, DisposeRx. . . it changes behavior. Our solution is a site of use solution. That is, at home. You don’t get in your car, you just take your drugs out of the medicine cabinet. Add . . a small amount of powder about the same amount as you’d find in a pack of sugar . . . add the water . . .shake it up in that prescription vial and within a minute or two, the drugs are dissolving and . . . become immersed in a gel from which they cannot be easily diverted or abused. And in which, they biodegrade overtime, so that they won’t pollute landfills.”