Jake Riedel - Strength and Conditioning Coach - West Point

The Moffitt Method Podcast

10-05-2023 • 1 hora 41 minutos

This episode features an interview with Jake Riedel, the new assistant strength and conditioning coach for Army West Point. Riedel previously worked at Louisiana State University for seven seasons, where he held various roles such as senior associate director of strength and conditioning and assistant strength and conditioning coach. At LSU, he designed strength programs for the defensive line and linebackers, implemented programs for swimming and diving, and track and field. Riedel also managed GPS reporting to coaching staff and wrote all aspects of the speed and conditioning program and FRC/mobility program. During the 2021 season, he temporarily filled the role of director of strength and conditioning due to an absence. Before joining LSU, Riedel was an assistant strength and conditioning coach and graduate assistant at the University of Cincinnati. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Listeners can expect to learn more about Riedel's background and his approach to strength and conditioning at Army West Point.

00:04:25 - How did you get started in strength and conditioning and what was your journey to get to West Point?
00:14:25 - Military training and maneuvers
00:23:06 - Typical daily schedule at West Point
00:29:20 - Type of program that Coach Hughes runs at West Point
00:33:45 - What are some of Coach Hughes' pillars for strength and conditioning?
00:40:30 - Can you describe your responsibilites as Assistant S&C coach?
00:45:00 - Can you go through the progressions that you use to teach the basic lifts?
00:51:14 - What's your role with the GPS tracking and what are you looking at in the data and how does it influence programming?
01:03:54 - Is there collaboration between the strength & conditioning staffs and the football staffs?
01:12:10 - How can you ensure you're developing a competition ready team without all of this special equipment?
01:33:31 - West Point haircuts - West Point graduation presents



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