Episode 1.5 - Bonus episode: Free software application that authors can't miss out!

Writers spot Podcast

11-02-2024 • 8 minutos

Woo-frickin-hoo my new podcast pals!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Writers Spot Podcast. I am so excited to hear more of your story and where you’re at in your journey.
I hope my beginner’s journey as an author helps you become an author yourself, or inspired if you're already one.

This episode is a bonus episode for the week, some freebies that new authors can't afford to miss out, it's literally free! what more can I say. Without further a due,
here are my free software that are just AMAZING!

I wish I had known about them last year, on second thoughts when I was a student, oh the tears 😭 imagining what could have been. Well, here they are for you in this episode enjoy 😊.

- Reedsy - Writing software
- Notion - Imagination is the limit
- Canva - Creation, photo  and video editing with ease
- Trello - organiser of projects, teams and life if you want.