Episode 79: Tru Payne Roberts (The Lonely Ones, Girl Fox) 12-21-2023

J-Bunny's Music Hub Podcast

30-12-2023 • 54 minutos

J-Bunny sits down on Skype with Tru Payne Roberts, bassist for The Lonely Ones and guitarist for Girl Fox.  They discuss how Tru joined the band Girl Fox, their brief offshoot as Juvenile Jones, and how he came to join The Lonely Ones.  They also discuss why Tru plays bass in The Lonely Ones instead of guitar, the confusion fans seem to have about The Lonely Ones and Bobaflex being separate bands, and why The Lonely Ones' new full-length album is only available physically.  J-Bunny and Tru also discuss the band's plan for the new tracks on the album moving forward, how frontman Marty McCoy moving to Florida has impacted the band's activities, the difficulties about being in multiple bands, and Tru's thoughts on the music industry.  On an odd note, the episode ends with J-Bunny and Tru discussing the restrictive legislation that dictates how breweries are allowed to operate in the state of New Jersey.

Podcast intro "Rock Intro 3" courtesy of ⁠audionautix.com⁠. "One More Time Around" and "Don't Cry for Me" both appear on The Lonely Ones' self-titled album and are also available to stream online as singles. Both songs were included with the permission of Tru Payne Roberts.