Longevity, Diaper bags & Multi-Focal Lenses With Guest Suzy Lofton Bullis of Old New Moms!

Geriatric Mamas

02-11-2023 • 52 minutos

On this episode, Sonia and Jessica are joined by Suzy Lofton Bullis of Old New Moms! Suzy welcomed her second baby boy as a geriatric mama in May of 2021. Listen as she shares her decision making process about becoming a mom later in life and how she and the Geriatric Mamas are taking on the challenge of longevity to be there for their children as long as they can, even if they’re 95% plastic. Maybe we are mathers now.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Hi Suzy! (4:21)

  • The Old New Moms Facebook Group Hit 100K Members! (5:12)

  • Last Week’s Episode About Reversing Menopause Means Our Demographic is Going to Grow and Get Even More Geriatric! (9:49)

  • Suzy’s Journey to becoming a Geriatric Mama (11:20)

  • Diaper Bags and Multi-focal Lenses (15:07)

  • The Old New Mom Blog (16:27)

  • Growing the Old New Mom Community (18:09)

  • Being a Geratric Old New Mama - It’s Not Just About the pregnancy and the Baby Part (24:45)

  • The Topic of Longevity (26:32)

  • Suzy’s Longevity Tips (28:40)

  • Sonia’s Longevity Tips (33:22)

  • Jessica’s Longevity Tips (39:31)

  • Some Advantages of Being an Older Mom (44:23)

  • Continued Longevity Tips (45:39)

  • On the Topic of Being A Geriatric Mom- Do You Watch American Horror Story? (47:47)

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