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Ser Pounce What Is This Feeling In My Hips? | Napcast 34

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20-04-2015 • 0 segundos

When we last left off we were on a beach talking at a clam, a giant clam. Out of the depth of the sea comes a kelp covered hand, Ser Pounce sings and an adventure continues. Things are not what they seem where you are as sensitive as Tommen. You don't friends by stealing pearls and making kingdoms. -Moral of the story???? I try to explain to the old gods and the new about walking and cable bills and this somehow sidetracks into WAY too much personal disclosure. Way to much. On a sad note the person from this story, passed away last week....Thanks for the porn Billy and rest in peace. Say hi to Rebel for me. "I'm not approved to stay calm much longer" Grape Nuts will not change your life.

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