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S5 EP:4 Examining the choices of living solo or sharing life with a partner Ft Allie Brooke
S5 EP:4 Examining the choices of living solo or sharing life with a partner Ft Allie Brooke
Welcome everybody! It's been a long time but finally back with yet another exciting episode . For today's episode we have a very special guest joining us in here her name is Allie brooke. Allie Brooke is an educator on a mindset-healing journey. She struggles with chronic anxiety and became tired of it controlling her life.  Her anxiety led her down a rad of people pleasing, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome. One day she realized that this is no way to live and decided to make a shift in her life. Allie started to go to therapy and learned she is not her thoughts. She then began sharing what she had learned to help other women who are going through it as well. Now she everyday woman grow her mindset and spirituality in her daily life in order to break the comparison to the Instagram-perfect lifestyle. Join me as we navigate the stress and anxiety of our daily routines and reclaim our power to cultivate our most authentic life. Let's start romanticizing the mundane together! Follow all time chatter podcast on Instagram: @alltimechatter Want to be a guest on the pod? Drop a mail on or just DM Directly. Want to support the podcast? Donate : sudeshna.saha@paytm Follow all time chatter podcast on Spotify and everywhere else where podcast is available. Links MINDSET COACHING PROGRAM! Application Form  3-month Mindset Coaching Program with 45-60 minute sessions and Weekly SLACK Check-ins! Apply for a FREE discovery call with me! --- Send in a voice message: