Vesperisms S3E3: Historical Rhymes

VESPERISMS: The Art of Thinking for Yourself

10-06-2022 • 26 minutos

Why do we often feel like we're living through something that's happened before? How can we deal with our fear of repeating the past? The answer can be found in understanding history's rhymes.

The reasons we recognize these rhymes are:

  1. Human Nature
  2. Fear
  3. Dehumanization & Displaced Blame

We can judge the rhyme by asking:

  1. Is this genuinely rising from the populace or being dictated top down by institutional power?
  2. Does this movement promote nonviolence or violence?
  3. Do the institutions respond to nonviolence with violence in any form?

And we can control our response to historical rhyme by asking:

  1. What is making me anxious and fearful? Where did it come from?
  2. Did it happen to you or to an abstract collective?
  3. Where am I getting the information that is making me feel this way?


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