Kelly Noonan Gores, Writer, Director & Producer of the Award-Winning Documentary Heal - On Healing, Consciousness & Personal Transformation

The SISTAIN Podcast

16-11-2023 • 1 hora 6 minutos

Kelly Gores is the writer, director, and producer of the 2017 award-winning documentary Heal. To continue the conversation around healing, consciousness, and personal transformation, she founded and hosts The HEAL Podcast. She is a mother, a seeker, a meditator, and loves to read, write, play sports, travel, and spend time in nature.

In this episode, Kelly talks deeply about the mind body connection. We talk about everything from how to heal trauma, to how to start simply with awareness to eventually get to a place of surrender and acceptance.

She shares various healing tools with us so that we can choose which is best to utilize on our own journey. No healing journey is ever the same.

We loved having Kelly on the show because our philosophy at SISTAIN is: Take Care of Yourself. Take Care of the Planet.

To make sustainable lifestyle changes, we first have to focus on our foundational needs. Our own internal healing. Only then can we raise the vibration of the greater collective.