Josie Schweitzer, Katonah Yoga Teacher — How To Use Your Mind, Body, Breath & Imagination To Bolster You

The SISTAIN Podcast

27-12-2023 • 51 minutos

Josie Schweitzer is an incredible inspiration to me. She is both free and disciplined. She lives in the middle, the present state where true joy exists. You will walk away from this episode with specific tools and practices or at a minimum inspiration to find those things that can help ground you in your everyday!

Josie Schweitzer teaches a blend of fluid movement, pranayama, kundalini, and meditation classes, Josie artfully crafts each teaching experience with intention and intelligence, providing a cohesive structure for an eye-opening, transformative journey. Present moment awareness is at the heart, a truth that permeates every movement, stillness and breath.

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