Francesco Balestrieri (Agostini’s, Canberra) - Good omens

Deep in the Weeds - A Food Podcast with Anthony Huckstep

21-07-2021 • 25 minutos

Growing up in Rome, food was at the centre of Francesco Balestrieri (Agostini’s, Canberra) universe. It led to a yearning to build a career as a chef and open his own restaurant in his home city. But love changed everything. Taking the plunge and moving with his wife to her home city Canberra, Australia. He immersed himself in his new home where he is now at the helm of one of the city’s best Italian restaurants. Follow Deep In The Weeds on Instagram Follow Huck Follow Rob Locke (Executive Producer) LISTEN TO OUR OTHER PODCASTS Dirty Linen with Dani Valent The Crackling with Anthony Huckstep