The S.E.A. of Success with Coach T (Antwaun Thompson)

Empower Your Life with Cindy Marie

11-05-2023 • 45 minutos

Have you ever asked yourself whether you're leading an example to our younger generations or tomorrow's leaders? Especially in this challenging moment that we're facing - we could all be caught up with the noises and the distractions, and even affect our mental fitness. In this episode, my guest and I will talk about how we can all simplify, show up with a helpful effort and a positive attitude to guide our younger generations, and also how we adults could learn from them.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Being Family is determined more by behavior than by blood
  • Not Every Adult Is a Good Role Model
  • How Simplicity, Effort, and Attitude Contribute to Your Success
  • The S.E.A. of Communication to Success
  • Learn More to LISTEN than TALK
  • Parents and Kids' Relationship with Social Media/Digital World
  • Parents Live Out Dreams Through Their Children
  • Empowering Kids to Express their own Voices
  • Handle Situation When Kids having Fear to Speak Up with Parents
  • Happiness, satisfaction, and contentment come from within, inside YOU
  • Little Things in Life that Make the Biggest Difference
  • Know Your 'WHY'
  • Stay Curious
  • Kids Care For You (Parents & Adults) More Than You Think
  • You Are Powerful

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