Develop Self-Awareness for A Happier Life with Mike Garrick

Empower Your Life with Cindy Marie

23-03-2023 • 44 minutos

Wanna attract more positivity, know how to handle challenging events in life better, slowly build more powerful habits or routines that will serve you better, or experience the happy life you deserve - let's work on that Self-Awareness in this episode.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Focus on Yourself
  • The Power of Reading Books
  • Be the Observer/Watcher of Your Experience
  • Consciously CHOOSE What You want TO DO
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • It's OKAY to SCREW UP
  • How to Deal with Negative Thoughts
  • The WORTH comes from the WORK
  • Focus on the Positive Things in Your Life
  • Thinking Part = Write the Program = Habit
  • Create a Routine One at a Time
  • It is POWERFUL when you align your BODY and MIND
  • Everything Originates from Our State Within
  • Wim Hof Breathing to Increase Your Energy/Motivation
  • You Have to Give Before You Get
  • Hertz Emotional Frequency Chart
  • Access Higher State of Energy = OXYGEN
  • Problems are the Vehicles for us to GROW
  • The Power of Journaling & Meditation
  • Be able to LAUGH
  • Learn A Little Bit More About What You EAT & DRINK
  • Optimism is a CHOICE

Mike Garrick

Cindy Marie

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