The Will to Live with the Unknown with Alma Chopra

Empower Your Life with Cindy Marie

26-10-2023 • 58 minutos

When you find out that you've been diagnosed with a rare disease at a young age, you might probably have tons of feelings, and you're unable to express them well. Perhaps feeling lost of hope to continue living. Well, for Alma Chopra's case - yes, she started by self-rejecting herself from the world and finding out that she has a rare condition, "Cerebellar Ataxia". A condition affects the brain, brainstem, or spinal cord. That can result in a lack of coordination while performing voluntary movements. However, eventually, she finds her purpose to continue living with the unknown.

Alma Chopra is a socially conscious entrepreneur, disability advocate, inclusion ambassador, motivational speaker, and life coach who is a visionary behind Almawakening, a platform dedicated to nurturing self-awareness. As a writer, she encourages embracing raw emotions; as a counselor, she offers motivation and hope; and as a teacher, she imparts exercises for inner growth. Through her inspiring journey, she both empowers and becomes a source of inspiration.


  • The Cerebellar Ataxia Condition, Symptoms & Effects
  • To Live or to Die when You Have a Life-Threatening Situation
  • Living in the Moment
  • Your Disability Doesn't Define YOU
  • How You Can Use Your Creativity as Your SuperPower
  • Feel and Express Your Emotions to Understand Your Feelings and Yourself Better
  • You're NOT a Burden - You are IMPORTANT
  • You are here for a REASON
  • Ways to Deepen Your Faith
  • Focus on Yourself so You Can Help Others Better
  • Your Heart knows the TRUTH

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