#007 Connecting With Your Spirit Guides with WILL CAMINADA

Joy, Love & Healing

27-07-2022 • 34 minutos

Will Caminada s a Spiritual Guide, Singer/Songwriter, Podcaster, and Author of "From Darkness To Light - A Continuous Journey Towards Your Essence".

Will's mission is to guide fellow humans into the remembrance of the one consciousness and the Divine power of the heart. He offers guidance, healing and support through the power of Meditation, Breathwork, Music and words.

In this conversation we talked about the different types of Spirit Guides and how we can be connected with them. Here are some of the questions we discussed in this interview:

  • How have you first connected with your Spirit Guides?
  • Do we all have Spirit Guides?
  • In what ways can they communicate with us?
  • What can we do when it seems they aren’t listening? Or helping us?
  • What types of spirit guides are available to us?

⭐ For more information on Will's work, please go to his website: https://www.willcaminada.com

👉🏼 Connect with Will on IG: @guiwill
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