#010 Astrology – A Practical Tool for Your Greatest Life with REBEKAH MUIR

Joy, Love & Healing

20-09-2022 • 35 minutos

Rebekah helps people to connect with The Force of Love - within them and everywhere around them - by whatever name they choose to call It.

Her favorite tools for this are Astrology, Music, Meditation, Prayer, Energy Work and Ritual - all incredible for divine connection, self-knowledge, and understanding.

Rebekah is both a professional Singer and Music Educator as well as a professional Traditional Astrologer, podcast host and modern spiritual explorer.

⭐ For more information on Rebekah's work, please go to her website: https://www.sacredstarlight.com

👉🏼 Connect with Rebekah on IG: @sacred_starlight

⭐ Jay's website: https://www.breatheonit.net

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