S6 E1 | Intersection of Onchain and Physical w/Maz & Eiman

Rehash: A Web3 Podcast

05-10-2023 • 57 minutos

On our first episode of Season 6, we have the privilege of speaking with Maz and Eiman, co-founders of Crowdmuse, a platform for multiplayer collaboration on fashion drops and digital IP rights.

Maz and Eiman explain what digiphysical goods are, not just in the context of fashion, but as it relates to any physical item with a digital counterpart, or vice versa. They do an excellent job of explaining what the benefits are for digital goods to have a physical counterpart, why we might need certain products to be stored on the blockchain, and how onchain IP works.

That naturally led into a conversation about consumer crypto because not only is that what all the VCs are talking about nowadays, but digiphysical goods also live primarily in the consumer space. Maz and Eiman talk about how onchain consumer products will change the way we view identity, community, and brands and whether we should expect to see digiphysical goods permeating into all industries, not just the entertainment and consumer space as we’ve seen it to date.

Finally, Maz and Eiman give us an insider look into Crowdmuse, and Eiman answers a spicy question from the community.




Rehash: https://twitter.com/rehashweb3

Diana: https://twitter.com/ddwchen

Maz: https://twitter.com/mmazco

Eiman: https://twitter.com/eimsoliman

Crowdmuse: https://twitter.com/crowdmuse



0:00 Intro

2:29 Rehash community governance

3:32 What are digiphysical goods?

5:55 How do digital and physical items link together?

7:48 How do onchain goods differ from offchain digital goods?

11:10 What is onchain IP and how does it work?

25:08 Why is consumer crypto all the rage now?

33:21 How will onchain consumer products change the way we view identity, community, and brands?

37:04 Challenges that digiphysical goods face

43:08 Origin story of Crowdmuse

47:05 Future plans for Crowdmuse

51:47 Who Maz wants to hear on the podcast next season

52:36 Eiman’s favorite crypto drama

54:48 Follow Maz and Eiman

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