Episode 155: A Bari Merry Christmas and what’s coming in the NEW YEAR on BariAftercare!

BariAftercare: The Podcast

20-12-2023 • 1 hora 26 minutos

NOT to get completely ahead of myself… BUT… I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what we have in store for you in the New Year at BariAftercare! Get ready to learn and grow with our BariAftercare community as we live and breathe ACCOUNTABILITY and all things related throughout the year. Why accountability? Because it is the number one way to get and stay on track when it comes to weight maintenance! YEP! And before the year is over… as in next week, Laura Preston and I will be hosting a BariAftercare podcast to tell you all about a FUN and CREATIVE three part LIVE webinar throughout the month of January to be sure you are off to a solid start to the NEW YEAR! Set a reminder to listen to next week’s podcast, for sure!

The majority of this episode is a fun and playful conversation among the amazing group of people responsible for creating and carrying out the first annual Bari Merry Christmas event. Relax with us and AND… start thinking about attending the event yourself – in person – next year! In the show notes, there are links to the recorded parts of the event! Enjoy! And be sure you are tuned into the BariAftercare support group where I am posting tips for Staying Healthy Through the Holidays! Go to www.bariaftercare.com.


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