Infections old and new - has the COVID pandemic made us better prepared for the future?

AoPcasts: Bringing you the latest in medical research

11-03-2021 • 44 minutos

Welcome to our first episode of AoPcasts: Bringing you the latest in medical research. The AoP membership is now open to all interested in the translational research effort; with AoPcasts we aim to extend this ethos by sharing insights, experience and guidance from the experts from our field to our community.

In this episode, hosted by Vivienne Parry OBE, Dr. Rino Rappuoli and Professor Ellie Barnes discuss the COVID pandemic and how it might have prepared us for future such outbreaks.

This wide-ranging discussion covers what they were doing prior to the pandemic, COVID vaccines, what the pandemic has taught us, and what it means for the future's global preparedness and vaccines. Thank you for listening.

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