Italian Glory Boxes of Love

Claudia Callisto - The Good Italian Girl and friends

17-05-2023 • 56 minutos

In this episode of the good Italian girl and friends, Claudia and her sister Laura talk about the upcoming event, Italian glory boxes of love.

A unique exhibition curated by two Adelaidean Italian sisters displaying a collection of precious ‘glory box’ items that Italian migrant mothers prepared for their female children growing up in Australia. Each item will have its own unique family story attached. These items link us back to our childhood and represent their homeland traditions, their talent as embroiderers and seamstresses and the future hope for their female children. Now a lost tradition within our Adelaide Italian community, we can only Wonderin amazement at this significant historical tradition, the family stories and the beautiful items that were carefully selected, packed and stored in glory boxes. Many daughters still hold on to these items, despairing at what will become of them if their story is lost.

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