The Good Italian Girl Presents Italian Love is a Battlefield. Fringe Show

Claudia Callisto - The Good Italian Girl and friends

13-01-2023 • 2 minutos

Based on her bestselling book "The Good Italian Girl" Claudia Callisto presents a culturally orientated comedy performance infused with 80s music on the battles ethnic females faced with their immigrant parents to simply leave their homes to spread their wings and dance to 80s music with their friends. Despite these battles, theses experiences made our generation the strong, resilient and the family focused women we are today. Now mothers ourselves we are negotiating similar but different battles with our own children & discovering that they do not realise how lucky they actually have it compared to our generation. Lets embrace the positive cultural experiences we've had instilled into us, and pass on those traditions to our children, providing a sense of belonging and freedom from guilt

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