Ep 19: The World of CAD

Ladies Who Build

17-01-2024 • 37 minutos

Today we're talking to Solveig Haugland, our skilled CAD Designer and Office Coordinator at Simply Home, who's here to explain the intricacies of CAD (Computer-Aided Design). Join us as we delve into the CAD details, exploring the design process, understanding the role of a CAD designer, and uncovering our checklists and permitting procedures. You will learn the significance of CAD, why Simply Home integrates it into our operations, and what it takes to initiate CAD with a client.

This episode will cover:

  • How Solveig got involved in CAD.
  • The story of Solveig and how she started with Simply Home.
  • What CAD stands for.
  • Why Simply Home needed CAD.
  • The importance of CAD.
  • What goes into reviewing someones plans.
  • When you need to have CAD.

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