Ep 6: How To Start Planning for a Remodel

Ladies Who Build

19-07-2023 • 30 minutos

Today we are going to be discussing remodeling, focusing on the essential steps involved in planning for a successful remodel. We will be sharing the initial stages of the process, starting with how to begin and conduct research on potential remodeling companies. We also highlight the crucial questions to ask during this phase and shed light on the key differences between handymen, general contractors (GCs), and remodeling firms, emphasizing what sets them apart.

This episode will cover:

  • Where to start when considering a remodel.
  • The importance of not rushing your remodel planning.
  • How to ensure you meet your deadline.
  • The importance of knowing your budget from the beginning.
  • The difference between a handyman, GC and remodeling firm.
  • Why you should be careful about how you pay.

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