Ep 17: How Plans Impact Your Renovation

Ladies Who Build

20-12-2023 • 37 minutos

Today we're discussing the transformative role of planning in the world of renovations with our guest, Dustin Gragg, Project Sales Specialist at Simply Home. In this episode, we explain the relationship between plans and renovation outcomes, diving into the crucial importance of decisive decision-making during the planning phase. Dustin shares the accuracy and complexity of different types of plans, challenging the common misconception that plans are straightforward.

  • How Dustin became a part of the Simply Home team.
  • The benefit of always being willing to learn new things.
  • The different types of plans that are available.
  • Why plans are essential when doing a reno.
  • How to ensure everyone involved in a reno is on the same page.
  • The importance of being accurate with your plans.

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