Bonus: Enjoy "The Art of Crime"

ArtCurious Podcast

14-04-2023 • 32 minutos

Hey friends, I have a show that I’d like to share with you today. It’s right up my personal alley--so much so that I made a similarly-themed season of ArtCurious a few years back. Today it’s a pleasure to introduce you to The Art of Crime.  The Art of Crime is a history podcast about the unlikely collisions between true crime and the arts--created, written, and narrated by Gavin Whitehead. Gavin notes that he has had an interest in things criminal and artistic for as long as he can remember, and this podcast is the perfect intersection of those two fascinations. The show is now in its second season and is all about several artists who have committed, attempted, or at least been implicated in an assassination. This episode today is all about the painter David-Alfaro Siqueiros. A diehard Communist, Siqueiros fought in the Mexican Revolution in the mid-1910s. Over the next several decades, he would revolutionize the theory and practice of muralism in Mexico and abroad, largely inspired by his radical politics. In 1940, his political convictions led to a less honorable enterprise when he spearheaded an assault on the home of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky as he and his family slept in their beds.  Enjoy-- and I’ll be back to you next week with an all-new episode of ArtCurious. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit