M'ii : The Coyote Trickster

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01-01-2022 • 6 minutos

M'ii is a character in Navajo mythology and is considered to be one of the most significant figures in the culture. Often described as a trickster and troublemaker, M'ii is still revered among the other major gods of the Navajo people. Although To Neinilii is the god of rain, Coyote has powers over water as well.

She is also a major figure in traditional Navajo healing ceremonies, stories, folklore and creation myths. She is also involved in the making of the Twelve hogan songs, which are believed to have been created by Changing Woman. She is also responsible for informing people about the Blessingway ceremonial.

M'ii takes the form of a coyote in animal form and she looks like a wise and shrewd woman in human form. She is most often depicted in her animal figure, but can also be portrayed in a human form.

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