#112 I went missing 😳

The Phil Swallow Podcast

21-04-2022 • 17 minutos

  • I don’t know how it happened - but I have been busy
  • Just released third video this month!
  • Historic Croydon Airport video under review, more to do
  • Addington Village Heritage Walk video live last week
  • South Croydon Walk & Talk video live this morning
  • Probably won’t record another due to time focus on Historic Croydon Airport updates
  • Also need to prepare for Farthing Downs (nature/history focus) next week
  • I do feel momentum is building up now
  • I recorded the Addington Village video on my replacement DJI Pocket 2 - all good
  • I purchased a GoPro Volta power grip and it is awesome!
  • DJI compensation went towards a power pack for the Pocket
  • However I ordered the wrong one 🤨
  • I am in the middle of the return and re-order of the correct one and hope that will be the end of the saga!
  • Garden clearance is going well, more tools purchased but well worth it
  • Currently cleaning up and treating the outside of it
  • Next step is to clear out the inside of the shed and do general gardening
  • I also need to book my Mudlarking trip - more to follow
  • New Mac ordered and can’t come soon enough
  • Working as efficiently as I can with what I currently have though
  • So yes, very busy but in control
  • Oh, and still need to sort out that updated intro/outro for this!

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