AEE 2156: Why Mindset Matters with Hadar from The InFluency Podcast

All Ears English Podcast

28-02-2024 • 23 minutos

Hadar is an online entrepreneur, teacher, and content creator with over 1M followers across all content platforms.  Her mission is to make English communication simple, effective, and clear for speakers of English as a second language. Hadar and her team serve thousands of students from around the world in her online courses and programs. She has trained teams in large global organizations such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and more. Hadar has also helped Google develop and design its pronunciation search tool that now serves millions of people around the world daily. Hadar is a non-native speaker of English, and a mom of two girls. All Ears English Podcast is brought to you by BetterHelp. Try online therapy at to get on your way to being your best self. Go to BetterHelp now to get started. Listen to the Business English Podcast to get tips on vocabulary, presentations, meetings in English, and more Learn more about your ad choices. Visit