Run Well: Physician/Author Dr. Juliet McGrattan Answers the Tough Questions!

Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness and Performance

11-10-2021 • 46 minutos

What if you could sit down with a physician and best-selling author who specialized in all of the health and wellness aspects of running and ask any question you'd like? Well, we don't literally take audience questions for this one, but Dr. Juliet McGrattan was willing to take on every single question we threw her way. You'll love her insights and appreciate the value she brings to both runners and non-runners when it comes to health, wellness & performance. From whether ibuprofen is a good choice to whether sex the night before a race helps or hinders performance, she addresses them all!

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261 Fearless

Run Well: Essential health questions and answers for runners

Sorted: The Active Woman’s Guide to Health

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